Skinny Enchiladas

I love Mexican food, it is one of my favorites, behind Italian. I made some skinny enchiladas last night, but sadly I did not get any pictures taken because I was angry while I was eating. I wasn’t angry at the food, just something that had happened. Anyway, I made half of the recipe because me and Shawn are the only ones here. About a week ago I made my own enchilada sauce so that I know what is going in it and not some mystery ingredients.


I got the recipe from here:

I started to make this and then realized I had no chili seasoning. So me, I put in cayenne pepper in it instead. Well, it did not taste like enchilada sauce, so I went to the store to buy the chili seasoning. With the chili seasoning and the cayenne pepper, this was spicy!

Okay and now for the enchiladas. I did add some things and changed some things. The recipe calls for chilies, I did not have any. I used some jalapenos instead. I put them in the food processor to chop them up to the shape of chopped chilies. I also added some sliced avocado into the filling. Everything else in the recipe, I used. My tortillas were the low fat kind and they tend to fall apart easily. I got them rolled up the best I could and stuck them in the oven. At the end of the recipe it does not say to pour the remaining sauce on top, but yes, do that. 

Here is the recipe I used:

I loved it of course. Shawn thought it was a little spicy so he ended up drinking two glasses of milk along with them. My take on spicy foods is, spice revs up your metabolism, so for me, its all good. If you don’t want it to be so spicy, don’t use the jalapenos or the cayenne pepper in the sauce. Of course, these will not taste like the enchiladas from your favorite Mexican restaurant, they are made to be a lot less calories but they still taste very good!




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