Candy Flavored Grapes

I have seen this before and have never tried it. You take some grapes and then pour some jello mix over them and it makes them taste like candy! Well, I decided to try it. I do have a sweet tooth so combining fruit with some sugar free jello powder seems wonderful. Let me tell you, yes it is wonderful. I am so happy I found this. It is borderline the best thing ever! It is a healthy snack for the kids, since it tastes like candy. The recipe states 3 cups of grapes and then add 2-3 tablespoons of the jello mix. I added the whole box, I think it only had about 2 tablespoons in it anyway. I had six cups of grapes so I mixed half with strawberry banana flavored jello mix and the other with peach flavored mix. I love the peach one. It tastes so much like candy and can’t even process it, haha.


Here is where I found this:

Try it, trust me, you will thank me!


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