Unfried Chicken and Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

I love fried chicken but I cannot remember the last time I actually ate real fried chicken. So, I cam across this recipe for a baked fried chicken. The recipe calls for gluten-free Bisquick, and I did not have that. I just used the regular Heart Healthy Bisquick. It also called for butter to be poured over the chicken, I left this part out to make it a little healthier. This is the before picture:

photo 1

I apologize for my computer, it is being stupid right now and refuses to turn my pictures the right way.

Anyway, in the recipe it says to use chicken tenders, I used chicken breasts. It did take longer to cook, about 10 minutes longer than the recipe states. When they came out of the oven I was disappointed that the crust I guess you would call it, stuck to the pan and one side of the chicken was crust less.

I also decided to make some mock mashed potatoes. I know, don’t get all disappointed when I say these have no potatoes in them. All it, is,  is cauliflower, butter, garlic and seasonings. You start by putting the cauliflower in a food processor or blender as seen here:

photo 2

They should come out looking just like mashed potatoes, but they do not taste the same. I had to add more butter and more salt just to make it worth eating. I’ve made the whole pizza crust with cauliflower thing, so I was hoping this would come out great. To make it appetizing, I had to make it as unhealthy as possible, adding more salt and butter.

My finished experiment last night came out like this:

photo 3

The chicken was stupendous! It tasted like a chicken wrapped in a biscuit pretty much. It was very good, I enjoyed it even without any kind of sauce. The cauliflower mashed potatoes were not very impressive. They look good in this picture yes, but they didn’t taste as good as they look. I will stick to real mashed potatoes, even though I never eat them.  I have seen so many recipes that use cauliflower for substitutes for things. The pizza crust one, was good, the potatoes, no. I have also made cauliflower fried rice. Of course, it wasn’t rice at all, it was just the cauliflower, and it was pretty good. That is why I am disappointed with the cauliflower potatoes recipe.

Here is where the chicken recipe came from:


Here is where the cauliflower mashed potatoes came from (if you have any desire to try it):


Shawn liked it all surprisingly. He even said he like the mashed cauliflower, but I can see right through him sometimes. He tells me he likes it, but really he doesn’t. He did love the chicken though so that was a plus.



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